Here it's all about playing & learning. We love to play - particularly if it's fun and educational.
All our items are developed with passion and flair for details - if we're not happy with the item it stays with us!

If you are not satisfied with items bought in our shop, ll you have to do is return it to us, undamaged and in it's original form. Then we refund your payment - with a smile!

We are a small and flexible organisation, and takepride in delivering quickly. Unless specifically noted, you can expect to receive your delivery within 2-4 days, as long as you place your order no later than 14.00.

In our shop you pay 10 € for freight no matter the size and weight of your order. This goes for Great Britain including isles that are directly connected to the mainlands. If you want door-to-door delivery you will have to pay a little extra. 

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